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A Peak Experience

Learning that occurs during an intense emotional experience is more thoroughly retained, and more readily and accurately recalled. Working with music is an ideal vehicle to explore one’s motivations, emotions, and default modes of operating.  With the right cognitive framework and guidance, the experience of conducting an orchestra through one’s own interpretation of a piece of music will facilitate a transformative leadership development experience.

Though a combination of hands-on experience, learning exercises, group & individual reflection, and discussion & feedback, participants will engage with topics such as:

– Authenticity

– Cognitive vs. Embodied Values

– Personal Peak Performance & Flow States

– Integrating intuitive and cognitive operating

– Shaping Culture and Work Environment

– Emotions as leadership resources

Location: Vienna, Austria

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Program Language: English

Price: Upon Request

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As the cradle of both classical music and psychology, the beautiful and vibrant city of Vienna is the perfect setting for the Podium Experience. The venue is the beaufitully rennovated “Albert Hall” in Vienna’s 8th district, which combines old-world charm with modern facilities and resources.



The Podium Orchestra is made up exclusively of professional classical musicians from all over the world living and working in Vienna. The core musicians have taken part in multiple Podium Experience workshops and understand the nature of the project and their role in it, and the value of their feedback and contributions for the participants.


All Podium trainers are not only accomplished leaders in their fields, but are also experienced and engaging learning and development experts.


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